Photo of the Week- 1/18/2019

Yellowstone River Outfitters Salmonfly

This photo is part ridiculous, of course. I am sporting my “Salmnonfly-Hatch mustache”….. and it worked! This gorgeous Brown Trout just inhaled my Salmonfly pattern in jate June on the Yellowstone River a few years back. The Salmonfly hatch coincides with the end of runoff and can produce the best dry-fly fishing that exists. A Salmonfly is a large stonefly that hatches when the water tempautre starts to warm up a little bit in late June/early July. They rise to the surface and dry their wings on the branches on the side of the river. They can be up to 3 inches ling and look like big grasshoppers! With salmon colored bellies……. the trout cannot resist to pass up on this fantastic protein source. It seems like we will have a little earlier runoff this season which should make for an unbelievable Salmonfly hatch. We predict that the hatch will be in force anytime roughly between June 27-July 6, 2019. If you are interested in fishing the Salmonfly Hatch with a Yellowstone River fishing guide….. give us a call today! Come ready with you your freshly-trimmed mustache, and we will provide the rest.

Tight Lines,

Yellowstone River Outfitters

Brogan Ballard