Yellowstone River Outfitters

“Fishing Buddy” Trips

Here at Yellowstone River Outfitters, we want everyone to get the opportunity to get out on the water and learn something new about fly-fishing. The Cost structure of our fishing trips are for one or two anglers- $395.00 for a half day and $495.00 for a full day(not including card fees) . We understand that this is not a small amount of money to spend… and we are always surprised to hear that there are many Gardiner, Livingston, and Bozeman locals who have never been on a float trip on their home waters! So, we developed our “fishing Buddy” trip where you we can book 2 different single anglers on a trip with one of our fantastic Yellowstone Fishing guides.

For these trips, Each single angler pays half of the trip. This brings the price to 197.50 (half day) and 247.50 ( full day) per angler. Obviously, there needs to be some flexibility on the part of the anglers as to days they are available, but we will work very hard to line you up with your desired days. Our Rates and terms still apply for these trips.- so please be familiar with them. Once we receive payment from both anglers, you will be notified by email that the trip is a go! your guide will contact both parties the night before the trip to determine a meet location. WE can do “Fishing Buddy” trips on either float trips or walk-wade trips.

Give us a call, and we will get you on the list!