Yellowstone River Outfitters

family trips

Fly-fishing is an activity for all ages to enjoy. yes, historically fly fishing may have been viewed as an "old-dude" type of activity. well, times have changed and kids love it when they get out there. all of our guides have the PATIENCE and gusto it takes to make your family's fishing trip an experience that you and your kids will never forget. both float trips and yellowstone national park walk-wade trips are great for kids. we do take family groups of up to 5 anglers on walk-wade trips in yellowstone. there are many areas where kids (with the assistance of a guide) can have success fly fishing. Many of our large family trips are half-day adventures because it gives the kids a chance for SUCCESS, but does not require them to spend the whole day focusing hard on their new found passion. we teach kids (and new-to-fishing adults) how to rig a rod, tie on flies, choose flies, cast, hook-set, fishing ethics, etc. the trip will be an engaging experience for the entire family. by the end of your trip, you will have the basic knowledge to go fly-fishing on your own. of course when one guide has a large group of clients, we tend to focus more of our attention on the young anglers. if the adults expect equal instruction time as the kids on these trips, we strongly RECOMMEND hiring a second guide for your adventure. 

  • In Yellowstone national park, kids 15 and younger are not required to buy a fishing LICENSE.

  • While on float trips or fishing in the state of montana, kids 11 and under do not need a fishing LICENSE. All kids 12 and under must wear a life jacket while on float trips.

  • as all anglers will be wet-wading. kids should wear SANDALS, water shoes, or shoes they do not mind getting wet. swim suits are also RECOMMENDED since often times kids like to cool off in the water.